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"I can't thank you enough. I did a marriage records check on my sister's fiance and discovered that he neglected to tell her that he had been married--twice! You guys provide a really useful service."
- Diane L.,Spokane, WA.
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What Marriage and Divorce Records Might Say About Your Partner

With today’s evolving lifestyle, people may find it easier to get married because divorce and annulment can be an option once they find out that being married to that person is not working out for the both of them. Today, divorce rates are higher than ever and becoming more and more of the norm. For people who are looking to be married for good, knowing about your partner’s history regarding marriage and divorce is very important before making any decisions that could alter the course of your life.

Fortunately, when it comes to marriage and divorce, the government requires to have some kind of documentation for these process, making it accessible for you to get hold of these accounts. This is very important if your partner has been keeping mum on his relationships the past years. A marriage certificate will make it easier for you to at least postpone the wedding date until a process of annulment to void the previous marriage is finished. If he or she has admitted to having a divorce before meeting you, you might want to take the extra effort to look into what may have caused the divorce. Divorce records will contain a lot of helpful and relevant information. These data will include the name of the spouse, the date of their marriage and of their divorce, the names and dates of children, how the property was shared, and if there are any settlements that may have been continuing until the present. It is also important to look at the reason why they have divorced in the first place – whether it was because of irreconcilable differences, an abuse of some kind, infidelity, or even mental instability. This will give you a wider idea on who your partner is and how you might live your life together.

Husbands and wife who are suspecting infidelity on their partner’s part may also benefit in looking for marriage and divorce records to see if they are presently married to another partner – some people can get married to two people at the same time provided they marry at another place or country where there is different jurisdiction – or if they have a history of being unfaithful in their previous marriage.

Because documentation of these records are necessary, it will not be that difficult for you to obtain marriage and divorce records, whether of yourself or of your partner, although getting these records might require some fee. But more than the fee, what is more important is for you to be assured of who your partner really is.

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