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What is a Birth Records Search?
Birth Records search results may include information about the individual (Name and Date of Birth) and Birth Details (Date of the Birth and City and State of Birth).
"I forgot my best friends birthday! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me find it! I have no idea what I would have done... Thanks!"
- Nick F.,Portland, ME.
Report may include
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- Birth City
- Birth State
- Full Date of Birth
- Criminal Records
- Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
- Address History
- Property Records
Why It Matters to Locate Birth Records

Among several files, records, and other documents, birth records are one of the most important to obtain for several reasons. They document the details relevant to your birth, such as the date, where you were born, and your biological parents, among others. Most, if not all, companies who are in the process of hiring potential employees within their human resources will always ask for a copy of your birth record. This will serve as a reference and will verify whether or not the age you put in your resume and other information sheets are true. If you are on the other side of the fence as the employer, getting this information is very important as well, because you wouldn’t want to hire someone who hasn’t yet reached the age requirement lest you want to have a case against you for hiring a minor.

If you are interested in knowing more about our background and would want to know more about your ancestry and genealogy, birth records are very helpful in this area as well. Especially if you are adopted, getting your original birth record will confirm and show you who your biological parents are, and the possible relations you have with other people. And, if there are situations where a certain relative has passed away and you need to prove that you are related to obtain some inheritance or to transfer legal guardianship of the children they left behind, getting hold of these records will be compulsory. These records are also important for people who have changed their given names into another for different reasons. Also, if you are looking to have your citizenship changed, filing these records, along with other required documents, is very necessary to hasten the process.

If you have heard of couples who are engaged to be married, but happen to share the same surname, it is crucial for them to get hold of their birth records to make sure that they do not share the same ancestry, or, if they do, if their ancestry are far enough to rule out incest.

Records such are these are filed and documented by the government in every states and provinces. And since they are open to the public, getting access to these birth records should not be so much of a problem.

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