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About Us

Reverse Phone Counsel was founded by a team of executives that have over 20 years of collective experience selling products - and, in particular, information products - on the internet using the affiliate marketing channel. They began as affiliates promoting other merchants' products and later became merchants themselves.

Now, after having grown their own online information businesses to tens of millions of dollars in sales, they have developed Reverse Phone Counsel — a truly information-centric affiliate network and merchant processing environment. The Reverse Phone Counsel team knows from first-hand experience how hard it is to recruit affiliates that excel in promoting information products. And then, just as importantly, what tools these affiliates need to be successful. They intimately understand this group of affiliate's hot button issues such as flexibility in getting their commission payments delivered in ways that are most convenient to them and the ever changing PPC landscape which can mean feast or famine for many affiliates.

Likewise, the Reverse Phone Counsel team has been a merchant in most of the leading affiliate and CPA networks including Commission Junction, LinkShare and Clickbank. This experience has shown them that most networks do not cater to the specific needs of information merchants such as 1) delivering link types that showcase the merchant's information products and engage the end customer immediately 2) helping the merchants to accept credit cards as many information merchants have a hard time getting a merchant account and 3) assisting the merchants in delivering their valuable information to the end customer via a secure member's area.

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