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Let eVerify Do the Dirty Data Detective Work

eVerify is a website that provides people with information of different people living in the United States. Registering with the site allows you to search its massive database of facts and figures, giving you the ability to take a very comprehensive look into the past of a person, for whatever purpose.

This website compiles any and all public records regarding a person, allowing you to look into many different aspects of a person’s life. Records included with the information service include the following:

Events in the distant past are not a problem, as the eVeriy database goes all the way back to the 1930s for its information. Source credibility is not a problem either, as the database draws its facts and figures from not only local records, but from state and federal ones as well.

The comprehensive nature of this online database makes it the perfect tool for anybody who simply wants more information about a person than what the average Google or Yahoo search can turn up. A database such as this, though, will be of a particularly helpful nature for those people who make a living through searching for information about a person: lawyers of all sorts, police officers, private detectives, genealogists, and basically any person who wants to have a comprehensive look at a person’s life will be able to find it by registering to this site.

eVerify is dependent on the general fallibility of the degree of information database technology we have today. At this moment of time, the database can only do searches on citizens of the United States, meaning that if you have no prior knowledge of any past foreign citizenry or other activities of your chosen person, finding information about him or her will be a tricky task. Also, Data Detective may have a difficult time scoping your target out if you only have a little information to bank on, as people with the same names as your chosen person’s will turn up in the results, especially for those with generic sounding ones.


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